We need a framework to set out what’s our daily life or what does that kind of experience look like in order to show, define us as ‘normal’, or the standard can help us to stay in what we so-called ‘normal’ line.

‘Reality rises up within the spectacle, and the spectacle is real’, ‘In a world which really is topsy-turvy, the true is a moment of the false’— Guy Debord.

Simulacra, as I understand from him, they are unsatisfactory imitation or substitutes, those can replace the reality with its representation.

The magazine industry is booming or should we say over-flourishing? When we were going to pitch the idea for a new magazine project, we found it hard to create another ‘one’ which hasn’t really been made before. The industry now is competing for the competitive price and the valuable content, or which big celebrity can be on their cover. The phenomena and the view, from Debord, it’s called the ‘spectacle’; the striking performance that the industrialised and capitalised world put on completely fool our senses to make us fall into the illusion that material is the foundation of our daily life. Everything has been materially translated, ‘the commodity as spectacle’ firmly root in our society.

How we try to produce the perfect content for our magazine, which is a process when the readers open the paper won’t see. For the travel pieces, we may have never been to the places that we write about, but they may not know, the truth is covered by the false. The consumer lifestyle based magazine confirms producers know; people are drawn to the things we possess, watch or spend on. The whole world is putting on the spectacle as manufacture, everybody is the actor/ actress in the show, and no one can get out from it.

We want to put real things into the seasonal lifestyle magazine, but at the end, it turns to be another representation of them. It’s difficult or impossible to put on articles or photos without filtering, subbing, editing, etc.. In the age of mass media which the magazine is also the part of it: sign-value is crucial, just as we struggle through how our magazine is going to compete with others. Talking from the assumption as if  the project is going to be published- we don’t have the popularity, so we need famous brands to be our advertisers to promote ourselves in the magazine; again here, confirms Debord’s words, from those well-known representations of products then we can be recognised or noticed in the reality.

Is there still a truth lying in our society or only simulacra been left to us? On SNS(social network sites), we see things that most of them are no longer true but ‘sauced’ to consumers’ tastes; just as how well we the magazine group now know using impressing photos or visual designs seem to be the most significant part within the project.

Since our edition is about ‘winter’, the seasonal magazine, of course, is going to dedicated themselves to find the most visual-attracting picture as our front cover, or how can we boost readers to choose us in this inevitable ‘spectacle society’?