Not only do me and Baudrillard share the same hometown (Reims), we also share some ideas. Baudrillard is a French philosopher who outlined his theories about spectacles and simulacra in his book Simulacra and Simulation. According to him, there is a whole concept reflecting our perceptions : there is the reality as it is, on top of which are the changes and exaggerations, and the simulacra that replaces reality with hyperreality.

There are many definitions and many ways to explain what a simulacra is. The most basic and simple definition of simulacra (pl; simulacrum) is a representation of something that is existent, in another term : real.
In a more philosophical dimension, it is an appearance that is taken for a reality. According to Baudrillard, signs are taking over their actual significance.

As a Digital Music Student, I hear, read, listen, talk about media everyday. In my first year at this University I took a module called ‘Celebrity Culture’. Celebrities are a good example to explain hyperreality. They live on the same planet as we do, but in a different world; a ‘hyperreal world’. They can’t live a normal life anymore due to their exposition to an audience and society at large. It truly affects the fan as they are thinking that by imitating their idol it can drive them to the same hyperreal world, due to the illusions.

This year, I picked a completely different module that is not really related to my course called Being an artist : Product and Persona. I am a fan of music and how it changed over the decades mostly due to the launching of digital platforms. People listen to music everywhere; in the subway to get to work, as an alarm, in the shower, not matter what the time is, the place or their mood. Music is differentiated according to several criteria : style, genre and form.

To go more in depth about my example of celebrity culture, I am going to explain how drake is a perfect example of a sign. He is a famous singer/rapper and made the song ‘Hotline Bling’. He posted the song online and it went viral. It was everywhere. It rapidly became a meme so it has been copied as it is not the original anymore and was a simulation of the original song. It does not exist anymore but some of the content is real.

Drake is still there, the background is still present and in some of the videos, the melody is still existent.  

This idea of a simulacra also relates to my website project, For this, me and my group are making a website on the ‘story of Camden’ however this in of itself is not reality, but rather a Simulacra. We chose to visit Camden and generate a story, As such the story we are presenting is not truly authentic but rather a ‘hyperreality’, an altered representation of what the story of Camden is.