Surveillance as we know, means close speculation or observation. In a society, it is important to have some sort of surveillance to keep the crime level and other societal things in check however, nowadays the thin line between keeping a check and keeping track of every mflat800x800070fovement done by people is forgotten. This is where surveillance has lost it’s actual purpose…

Surveillance is done through every technological aspect we come across for e.g social media, CCTV cameras, oyster tapping on tube stations, phones, laptops and what not.  To begin with let’s look at Social Media. We use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram but we hardly know the effects of  Web 2.0. Web 2.0 promotes user generated content, file sharing, micro blogs , social media etc but if you ask some random person on the street as to where do they think their data is going, they will never know. It’s important to spread it out wide that the information we upload is sold by the media platform and bought by agencies for making their marketing strategies better based on our likes and dislikes.

Apart from social media, the launch of Google pixel phones in 2016 was a major question mark on the privacy of people. Excluding great resolution, this phone has the ability to track the movement of the holder even if the location settings are off and give the information to the data companies for other benefits. Another controversy that sparked regarding privacy, is the Samsung Smart T.V that released last year. According to the global-network_bigcompany, this Television had the ability to listen to everything said in the room it’s placed in and had a warning written in fine print where the buyers were warned not to talk about sensitive information infant of this particular set of T.V. Privacy advocates have known about the potential for government to exploit through this for years.  Law enforcement agencies have taken notice too and there have been immense court orders sent to companies that keep data of their customers which people might not even know they are transmitting.
To conclude, we do get what we need from internet but we the risk of being under surveillance is undeniable. These internet connected devices are not going away on the contrary, there is more that is being connected to it. Hence, it is important for the users to understand what they are exactly signing up for and it’s more important that companies make them as secure as the end-to-end encryption. Furthermore, there should be a litigation passed to press the government to execute stricter rules to stop our privacy from being at stake. It’s time to act and make people aware of what exactly is happening rather than typing it behind a screen and complaining about it through words that is simply consuming us, the products. apple_iphones_fbi__privacy_stocksy_txp2ac049abkkq000_original_764850

Wtch the video below to understand more about privacy.