I got my first smartphone when I was at primary school, at that time our family just got our first desktop, everything is new, then I drop to the world of these devices. For now, the school will not offer computer class for the student because of the popularity of people who familiar with digital devices. Think about the number of your follower on Facebook, through the network, everyone seems to be so close, and the people we know become part of the relationship network. And, while Castells explains that networks are not a new form of social organisation, they have become a “key feature of social morphology” (2000a, p. 5). What should you do when you have something to say to your friend? little people will think going outside to meet, but most of us would like to text or use Facebook message. Also, Different culture through network become not a distraction anymore, each of them combined so well. For example, there is more and more university offer exchange project for the local student go to different university to get a different feeling of their culture and life.

From the perspective of time and space, before the network society, people use letter and talk to each other face to face to communicate. But now, through the network, people at different location and jet lag can talk immediately. Long distance relationship is not a big problem to confusing everyone. We are not born to engage with that digital stuff, it took time for people at our age to accept new technology when they were young. But what about the child born in this digital society? My niece is 6 years old now when she was 3 they bought an IPAD for her, since that we think it is a disaster. Her parent uses this Ipad do anything for them, so she uses iPad to broadcast stories for herself to get sleep, play games alone when her parents are busy. Every time I saw her ,she was holding that IPAD. At the time she is going to primary school. Her parents took the Ipad away, and she cried for few days. This mobile device becomes one of her life, can’t say it is good or bad but it is what we need to think about.