In Week 9 we discussed about public sphere, which  Habermas defined the public sphere as a virtual or imaginary community which does not necessarily exist in any identifiable space. For the society we live, everyone have their own opinion about the public sphere is exist. Internet provide a place for everyone to join and make their own words.Blog, Twitter make us to used  to a new communication space as a sphere. social media as a public place that’s outside of the control by the government, it allows individuals to exchange views and knowledge, also allow individuals to share critical points of view, and finally is a space were public-minded rational consensus can be developed(). we got freedom of speech on it and Internet connects the society, state  and public figures. It is true that everyone can assess Internet or social media, there is no barriers. Therefore, internet as a global public sphere, which give every use a chance.

But the public sphere also become confusing and complex because of the world wide web. Anonymous users become more and more, the security of internet become an issue. Therefore, government strengthen the surveillance of internet. In China, based on the huge population, the surveillance of social media become more stringent. Last year we got real name system for social media, so everyone who use the internet in China is being cautious online. However, there have some voice said the concept of Habermas have some drawbacks. It is argued that  a public sphere, where is place to put individual debate would never existed. The public will never be conclude everyone. What about those people who can’t access internet, and Twitter. For example, in China people can not access some websites like Facebook and Twitter. Or there’s some people don’t even use social media, and the digital divided make they can not use. The unequal access and lack of interest make the public sphere not existence. In addition, social media like Twitter is a unique place on internet, everything post by other people will influenced every individual, but it will make citizens cant not see the whole spectrum.