‘The misuse of publicity undermines the public sphere: Manipulative Publicity’ stated rightly by german theorist Jürgen Habermas. I believe that there is no better way to describe the way the public sphere is structured and how it works.

In the media industry, every single platform from magazines to newspapers to TV programmes influence their viewers; wether its to believe a certain ideology or anything to be quite honest. Newspapers especially as they specifically target their audience in order to gain either support or encourage a POV.

This is no different with magazine although less evident. We do live in a bubble so to speak, where we feed of the information given to use without questioning it. There is no need to worry about distance of time which is what McLuhan also suggested, the idea of globalisation.

Magazines are very influential; they have so many genres focusing on niche subjects that appeals to all. What you read in a specialist magazine has to be right, right? It is true that they are now used to express and create a platform for debate without a doubt. This was evident went creating our magazine in Pitch, Produce and Publish module. The magazine world is already set in stone and it was hard to try and think out the box, so to speak. We are so manipulated by what we think the magazine want and need that we have lost the idea of individuality.

The public sphere is the ground for miniature communities to discuss the same views which eventually, inevitably become the general views.