The idea of Hegemony represented in the readings is extremely relevant within the media industry especially Magazines.

Ruling ideas are nothing more than ideal expression of dominance. This suggests, as Gramsci explained, that the ruling class are the dominant leaders which has caused for their ideologies to become normalised; as a result these ideas are perceived to benefit everyone whilst in reality they only benefit the ruling class.

This can be seen within the Magazine industry as well. Every genre of magazine has their ideas that are seen as the foundation of that topic, for example, women’s magazines always focus on the same ideas of having to be healthy, how to look perfect, how to lose weight. This is seen as the ‘norm’ but realistically, it’s not what we want to read or idolise as a standard community. This could be because of the media: Stuart Hall suggests that what the media put in the text (Encoding) is not the same to how the audience perceive it – Decoding.

Magazines base their structure on the idea that what they put in the magazine is evidently what the consumers want to see and this has been established due to the media and how only higher dominating classes have power.

In regard to my magazine module, my group decided to stay clear of these ideologies and have taken the established idea of a ‘teen’ magazine but made it modern. So, we have gone against the idea of writing stories about things that the industry assume we want to read, like fashion pieces and soppy love features. We have made it robust and quirky appealing to people who maybe dont have power in society and therefore dont have their say.

We are not funded based which makes it less restricted when it comes to political views. We have no specific connections to any views in particular like all or most the established newspapers; I believe this makes it stand out and different, creating a new gap in the market.