Media technology has evolved at certain point throughout the history, such as printed media, Radio, TV and social media as current birth media technology. Marshall McLuhan describes Media as more broad concept which is applied railway expansion, and the technological expansion creates people’s new kind of work style and way of new life style. According to his theory, “media is the message” which means every media including technologies has any message to us. The point of his view is able to apply for today’s media culture.

Digital social media sites such as Twitter and FaceBook emerged long after Marshall McLuhan defined the theory of ‘The media is the message’. As Marshall McLuhan’s massage doesn’t mention about specific media, his theory focus on how each technology change the way of life, so digital social media has changed our way of life more interactivity. Also Marshall McLuhan describes media as expansion of human body. For instance, Wheel extends human’s leg, telecommunication extends brain’s nerve and so on. Before the internet era, only certain professional was able to convey about anything through medium politics, business, leisure activities and so on, however nowadays ‘amateur’ can participate and convey what they feel about to anything.

Moreover, new emergence of technology for social media tends to eliminate time and space more dramatically rather than it does before. Digital media on the internet world is timeless communication, therefore we can soon receive any message and news from far distance within a few second, and the new time and space creates new type of business life, consuming contents, as well as new activity style. According to Marshall’s description, railway creates new space in certain area, and air plane is more easily to create new place which is not necessarily on the railway. The digital media is much freedom to step not only the border as space, but also time length of all of the world, from the points, his point is still alive in current media and the technological improvement is consequence of the history.

On the other hand, we, as participation in the social media, can publish our contents, so there is no thick border between professional and amateur anymore. It’s positive side of new technological improvement in terms of participation culture and interactive media, however, on the other hand, the fact is that the big platform are owned by only few companies, and they have dominated social media network and preference as its ideology. Social media site tend to prefer democratic idea, therefore, once we consume the information from the site, the information are filtered by the idea. Moreover, amateur has become writer and blogger as individual broadcaster, however, it’s also part of standardization of mass production to become citizen of “global village”.